Chord Gitar Maroon 5 Losing My Mind

Dm Bb F Gm
Dm Am Gm Bb

Dm       Bb
It's so hard to find you
F           Gm
I'm standing right behind you
Dm          Am
The streets are much colder
Gm          Bb
This mean I'm getting older

Dm         Bb
Why would you? How could I?
F             Gm
These questions lead to goodbye
Dm      Am       Gm   Bb
But now I got my freedom

Don't I?

F           Ab               Db
I parked my car outside your house
          Bbm                 F
Hope that someday you'll come home
          Ab           Db
Seems the woman that I love
           Bbm           F
Is someone that I hardly know
And after all this time
  Db              Bbm        F
I finally found a way to be alone
         Ab                Db          Bbm       F
I'm terrified I think that I may be losing my mind

Dm   Bb
Shy girl, so humble
F        Gm
With eyes that make me stumble
Dm  Am              Gm        Bb
Somehow not speaking lets me know everything
Dm   Bb
I go out, You eat in
F          Gm
Hide from the situation
Dm        Am
You're naked in daylight
Gm           Bb
Wrap yourself up in goodnight
Dm     Bb
I'm burning, I'm hungry
F         Gm
Angry cuz she don't love me
Dm      Am
You got me completely
Gm       Bb
In my own game you beat me